Friday, 4 May 2012

Landan baby!!

Went to London for a couple of days with 3 of my course mates. I had an interview at the Us Embassy for my work visa as I am working at a performing arts camp in America this summer! We had a wander around the National gallery, the V&A and the Natural History Museum. 
I love museums now, there are so many exciting and inspiring things to be drawn! Anyhoo, heres a few snaps of us exploring!

 Chilling in the hostel lockers!
 Hayley imitating the artist on our wall!
 Hostel art

 Awesome Japanese things!
 Jack Russel necklace-awesome!
 Jess and Hayley with the insides of a camel! 
 Jess with antlers!
 The slightly camp possum! (was it a possum?)
 Bear disco dancing
Lots of very beautiful hummingbirds, bit sad seeing them in a case but they were beautiful all the same!