Monday, 20 December 2010


Just tried to do some cheer routine practice, am out of breath just doing the dance and jumps and thats not even doing stunting or running around... I wish i had a dance studio to practice in, then at least i can see if it looks wrong and i can make it look better! Its too cold in my house so i figured dancing would warm me up now i am just stupidly out of breath... Been at work all day which is fairly dull, only made more interesting by chatting to people about snow and where they are going and selling more 99p promotional dairy milks to people than the guy on the early shift! Have been back at moto for 2 days and i have already had 2 free burger kings-bad plan, this is not going to be a healthy christmas! 
Left my SLR camera at uni which i am now a little bit annoyed at myself about... Tomorrow i am going to be very self indulgent and go for a nice long wander in the snow and take some photos before spending the afternoon playing around on photoshop! Screw doing actual uni work! I need a new sketchbook so i have nothing to work in anyway... here are some i took last year :

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Going out dressed as a sexy santa tonight-yay :) have just been painting my nails red and now i feel all christmassy, though not sure what to do between now and getting ready apart from cook the remains of my freezer food. Have to eat everything before friday as they are defrosting the freezers in halls, i just found a load of chicken and mince i had forgotten... 
Gonna post these shoes because they make me happy :)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

lazy day

Went in today for literally half an hour, I even missed the start of the briefing i went in for so there was no point in being there anyway. Went out last night, was pretty awesome apart from being woken up at 6am by the fire alarm, i hate early morning fire alarms i get so disorientated, couldnt actually even find my keys...
Hmm what to blog about today... Just looking through my fffound for crazy pictures! I am somehow drawn to the crazy chocolate sculptures by Stephen J Shanabrook. He basically did a series of casts from dead bodies and turned these into chocolate replicas. Strange but i find them pretty interesting to look at, like you are viewing something you know you should be shocked by but it is weirdly beautiful. om nom chocolate :) 

Monday, 13 December 2010


Am sleepy today, wondering if going out tonight is actually a good plan... however i have drawing out tomorrow which basically means skiving until 1 :) yay! or going down the aquarium to draw fish again if my knee doesnt give way... 
Am feeling a bit of alice in wonderland today, was looking at Arthur Rackams work recently, his fairytale stuff is amazing!

candlesticks inspired by the book

tooo lazy to get ready to leave...

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Have had a weird couple of days recently. Too much work, too much worrying about boys and acting like a bit of an idiot especially after a few too many cocktails last night... I think in any kind of relationship you just have to be as honest as you possibly can be, because then no-one can tell you you did anything wrong. I think people not speaking their minds recently has led to some pretty bad situations in the bubble that is my life at uni! Looking forward to christmas though, cant wait to go home and see people, get some headspace and all that. Plus illustration christmas party tomorrow wahey, gonna start getting in the christmas mood even though i am a little bit of a cynic when it come to christmas... 
Right anyway here are some sexy fisheye photos, some from last week and some from the summer, they make me happy :)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

anneli olander

Doing some work in the style of Anneli Olander today, drawing into wet paper with ink and watercolour. Her paintings are so pretty and dark, i am definitely more of a dark artist, i have to add black into everything otherwise i dont like it! I love the way she paints eyes too, amazing!

Saturday, 4 December 2010


Today i am really really tired. Went out last night to a snow party in the su! wasnt really snow just really shit foam but still it was probably better since at foam partys i usually drown because i am so short!! ahhh i have so much work to do today but i am hungover so i figure if i wait till after cheerleading i will have sweated out my hangover... it usually works, if it doesnt i still have to go in i have so much i am behind on :(
Anyway we made pancakes for breakfast today, with nutella and frankly it was amazing! my brain hurts ergh. I think i just need to stress blog.. feel like i should put a picture of something in. Here is a christmas themed cutout by artist Chadou Yama, she is amazing! There are more of these toilet roll cutouts on her flickr here