Sunday, 21 October 2012

Gig at Annabelles

So last night I went to a gig at Annabelles cabaret and discotheque in Plymouth. I had always wanted to go there since it just sounded awesome and they have the odd burlesque show which sounded even more exciting! Anyway, I got me and a friend in for free because I did some poster artwork for the band, Jessica and the Rabbits. They are a 7 piece jazz and blues cover band. They all dress in black white and red and play some seriously awesome tunes :)

I too, my friend Jess and we sat for a bit and drank pints of cider (cos it's cheap and we are poor students) pretending to look sophisticated in this very nice boudoir style bar before the band started playing.

We realised after a while that we were stood next to a group of drag queens who once the band started we're absolutely loving it! We had a good dance throughout their first set and left midway through the second set because the locals got creepy... No offence to most Plymouth locals but the odd ones ruin your reputation when walk around grabbing every single female in the room!



Friday, 19 October 2012

London and procrastination

Ok so the last London post took 3 days to actually upload cos the wifi in my hostel was pretty darn shite! But here is the rest of what I got up to :)

Saturday I met my sister in central London and we made our way up to Chingford to see my cousin in his tattoo studio. This should have been an easy journey but for some reason over half the tube lines were having maintenance done at the weekend so we got 3 tubes, and a bus going in the wrong direction...

Anyway, so the summer before last I was going to take my sister up to London to get a tattoo done but it has taken this long to organise/be brave enough to just get one!


Here is mine finished, I did a load of sketches to decide what I wanted, this is the one he designed it from:

Obviously the final one is much neater haha. I am super happy with it, has been driving me a little crazy with itchiness the past couple of days but it seems to be stopping now (yay). After we had both been tattooed we all sat and had a drink and a catch up before we went back to the centre for my sister to get her bus home.

Next day I went to the Tate for the morning to meet my friend Neil who I haven't seen since art foundation. In the end it took him forever to get in (bloody tubes) so I had nearly 4 hours walking around doing crazy drawings from paintings and things. We went to brick lane for the afternoon and walked around going in some hipster galleries and drinking cider in bars with cushions on the floor, all good fun :)

For my last day I went to the Chelsea design showroom in Chelsea harbour. This is basically a giant building with 200 different rooms where you can look at anything from bathrooms to curtains and light fittings.

I spent 2 hours in there marvelling at the insane amount of different fabric there was, so much beautiful stuff!

Since I have been back have been trying to carry on work, doing some more crazy drawings from the crazy drawings I did in London and dissertation reading since I finally decided on a question :)

Pattern design from a sketch I did.

So many books!


New glasses! Plastic rims because I was feeling a little hipster at the time haha. Oh yeah and I also got instagram.. Can you tell?


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Landan-day one

So I am currently in London on a field trip to do drawings and research for my dissertation. Secretly I know this trip isn't exactly necessary but I had so much fun last time we came and museum hopped I wanted to do it again.

I got into Victoria coach station at 7, way, way too early for anything other than coffee shops to be open. One thing I love about London is the fact that pretty much anytime of day you can walk round the corner and find an English breakfast! I stumbled upon one just outside the station and it was exactly what I needed after nearly 7 hours sleeping on a bus!

I then headed to the V&A, though it doesn't open till 10 which sucked I sat on a drizzly bench with some pigeons and did some sketches until 9 when I knew there was an art fair opening around the corner. "Multiplied" is a huge art fair in Christies auction house, loads of people exhibiting prints and pieces of artwork that were being sold in multiples, I of course still couldn't afford anything.. I walked in and felt like a bit of a tool with two bags, converse and my cosy clothes on with all these smartly dressed art buyers in suits... Awkward.. Ah we'll, I got some nice postcards and left pretty quickly.

I then went into the V&A, I started off looking at textiles from all over the world as part of my dissertation research, took lots of photos of the plaques next to things because I am too lazy to write notes ;) I then went off and spent a good couple of hours looking at the most amazing Dresses in their current Ballgowns exhibit-that was nothing to do with any work and just me being indulgent because I like beautiful dresses!

I then accidentally ended up following a tour guide round and learning lots of exciting things about different objects in the museum. I only realised today how much of an at nerd I am, I stayed in the museum until nearly 7pm because it is late night opening.. I had a half hour break to go and look at some birds in the natural history museum but other than that I was there for about 8 hours!

Based on these sketches I wonder if I was going slightly mad....

Am a bit exhausted now, tomorrow I have a break as I am off to Chingford to see my cousin to get a tattoo with my sister. Not sure if that's a good break day or not, am a little bit terrified to be honest...

At least my hostel is nice, I took a photo, just cos I find it funny how it looks kind of like a purple prison... Everything is really new though, and its cheap, and I get free breakfast! Amazing! Anyho, this is just to save me going mad from no social interaction, some bearded guy just walked in in a towel, maybe we will have a conversation later..