Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Landan-day one

So I am currently in London on a field trip to do drawings and research for my dissertation. Secretly I know this trip isn't exactly necessary but I had so much fun last time we came and museum hopped I wanted to do it again.

I got into Victoria coach station at 7, way, way too early for anything other than coffee shops to be open. One thing I love about London is the fact that pretty much anytime of day you can walk round the corner and find an English breakfast! I stumbled upon one just outside the station and it was exactly what I needed after nearly 7 hours sleeping on a bus!

I then headed to the V&A, though it doesn't open till 10 which sucked I sat on a drizzly bench with some pigeons and did some sketches until 9 when I knew there was an art fair opening around the corner. "Multiplied" is a huge art fair in Christies auction house, loads of people exhibiting prints and pieces of artwork that were being sold in multiples, I of course still couldn't afford anything.. I walked in and felt like a bit of a tool with two bags, converse and my cosy clothes on with all these smartly dressed art buyers in suits... Awkward.. Ah we'll, I got some nice postcards and left pretty quickly.

I then went into the V&A, I started off looking at textiles from all over the world as part of my dissertation research, took lots of photos of the plaques next to things because I am too lazy to write notes ;) I then went off and spent a good couple of hours looking at the most amazing Dresses in their current Ballgowns exhibit-that was nothing to do with any work and just me being indulgent because I like beautiful dresses!

I then accidentally ended up following a tour guide round and learning lots of exciting things about different objects in the museum. I only realised today how much of an at nerd I am, I stayed in the museum until nearly 7pm because it is late night opening.. I had a half hour break to go and look at some birds in the natural history museum but other than that I was there for about 8 hours!

Based on these sketches I wonder if I was going slightly mad....

Am a bit exhausted now, tomorrow I have a break as I am off to Chingford to see my cousin to get a tattoo with my sister. Not sure if that's a good break day or not, am a little bit terrified to be honest...

At least my hostel is nice, I took a photo, just cos I find it funny how it looks kind of like a purple prison... Everything is really new though, and its cheap, and I get free breakfast! Amazing! Anyho, this is just to save me going mad from no social interaction, some bearded guy just walked in in a towel, maybe we will have a conversation later..









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