Saturday, 22 September 2012

look who is back

I wish I had the time and energy to blog about the rest of camp, maybe one day I will do, there is literally just so, so much that happened that I could possibly talk about that I could go on forever!

The last few weeks went by really past, I got a lot closer to some people, and further away from others. The thing with camp is that at the start everyone is all shiny and happy and excited, by the end you have spent 9 weeks with people, enduring bonding, bitching, hook ups, break ups, people being either very helpful or very unhelpful with the amount of work they do. It all becomes pretty insane!

The last few days were pretty awesome, we made pancakes on the night we put up the art show. We had an icing tube to put the batter out and make pancakes in the shape of human organs, faces, spongebob squarepants-they were pretty hilarious!

The last day we all put camp away as a team, yay for team bonding! This involved lots of production line style putting away of chairs and dining hall benches. Art staff then had to clear the FAB for the staff party that evening. I went to buttermilk falls with a few people beforehand for some beers so by the time we turned up I was tipsy and finding it all very surreal. Seeing your place of work, where you have been teaching kids for 9 weeks, full of all the staff, boxes of pizza, wine boxes and kegs, with everyone drinking and dancing around-pretty damn strange!

Travelling after camp was awesome, I met up with a lot of people in New York after 2 weeks of travel. Was good to see everyone after a break to see what everyone had been getting up to and how they were finding real life. 

I flew home feeling a little bit sad, I had been homesick and kindof exhausted for a lot of the travelling but when I actually had to go I no longer wanted to. I had the most wonderful 12 weeks, there were times when being in the bubble drove me slightly crazy, but I loved it all the same, so, so many good memories and good people whom I already miss and want all my friends to meet!

I am now sat in my new room back at uni, wearing my bear hat (which got many comments at camp, and kept my head very warm when sat outside the bunk on duty). The last few days have been strange, I came back a little nervous about what this year would have in store. I found it hard to sort my head out and move on from things since camp was so, so far away from real life and the people I am with back here.

I think I have changed a little, I feel louder here, I feel like I want to make friends with and be nice to everyone, whereas before I was a little more shy of people. It is probably a good thing because I am social secretary for trampolining this year, and whilst I won't be standing on a chair to introduce myself as Josie Illustration anymore, I will have to get to know and be friendly to everyone :) 

This was going to be a post about how I just installed Spotify and how awesome it is, I got sidetracked. But anyway, Yellow Ostrich are becoming my absolute favourite band right now, perfect catchy, fun, room cleaning and course work music haha.

Now gonna get some sleep before sports and societies fair tomorrow, gonna be walking around for 6 hours in a leotard hassling the freshers. Apparently last year they all just got drunk, figure I may join in with that. Tipsy rambling about how much fun it is to bounce around will definitely get people involved, plus we have goody bags!

Peace out my lovelies x

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