Monday, 28 March 2011

Sunday, 27 March 2011

folksy! and crazy dancing

Haven't posted on here in a while. Been pretty busy doing lots of drawing by the sea, doing essay research, and enjoying the sun! 
Been at home this weekend to see my sisters dance show. It was the same group i was in last year before i left for uni, watching them i was insanely jealous that i couldnt be up there with them! Don't get me wrong, i love cheerleading but the dancing just isnt the same. And you cannot beat some of the insane costumes you get to wear! 

So yesterday i had the crazy idea of starting a folksy shop. I have made hair accessories for myself before and decided it could be fun to try and sell some! Heres a couple of pictures of what i have made so far! CLICK HERE  
to look at the rest! Will be adding more over the next couple of weeks, i have more materials at uni i want to play around with! 

Friday, 18 March 2011

essay research

Ok so today i had a plan to get up and spend most of the afternoon planning, researching and starting to write my essay for one of our modules which basically involves choosing an illustrator and comparing them to artists historic and modern. After chilling out with my flatmates, tidying my room for my sisters visit at the weekend (yay) and cutting my fringe (and then my hair because i got carried away) i realised it was 5 o clock.
Sooo now i have written up a few notes, looked through some books and not much else so i figured i would blog about these people instead as it might be more fun :)

Firstly-Sidney Sime
An artist whose most famous work came about when illustrating books written by irish aristocrat Lord Dunsaney. He is usually remembered for his black and white fantasy work but today i found some colour images which i thought were also pretty awesome!

Sara Fanelli-a modern book illustrator who uses collage and mixed media drawing to create some pretty crazy images. I love the use of patterned papers and shapes in her work. I prefer the work in her book "Sometimes i think sometimes i am" to the more commercial images as it is more like a sketchbook with lots of messiness and ink drawing!

Alfred Kubin-An austrian artist working in black and white who created strange, nightmarish images which often involved death as a theme. I like these because they are disturbing but in a good way, his images often have a fuzzy, dreamlike quality which adds to their nightmarish effect.

Vernon Hill-a little known artist who had a fairly short illustration career, working mostly on cathedral sculptings in later life. This arcadian calendar uses strong linework and very interesting fantasy images.

 May do a few more of these as i think it is less effort than writing in my research journal!

Friday, 11 March 2011

drawing drawing drawing

Just started our module on location drawing. Basically we get to pick an area of interest and we do drawings there as much as possible over the next 4 weeks. Have been down the barbican in plymouth doing drawing 3 days of this week and so far, it hasn't rained which i think is a bit of a miracle considering my luck! We sat on some rocks overlooking the barbican from the other side of the harbour today and it was lovely and sunny :)

Friday, 4 March 2011

bristol book fair-colouring book

Our course is letting everyone submit a picture for a colouring book which will be sold at bristol book fair! Did mine yesterday, these are the characters i didnt get to use in my final book spreads so i thought i would put them to good use :).