Sunday, 27 March 2011

folksy! and crazy dancing

Haven't posted on here in a while. Been pretty busy doing lots of drawing by the sea, doing essay research, and enjoying the sun! 
Been at home this weekend to see my sisters dance show. It was the same group i was in last year before i left for uni, watching them i was insanely jealous that i couldnt be up there with them! Don't get me wrong, i love cheerleading but the dancing just isnt the same. And you cannot beat some of the insane costumes you get to wear! 

So yesterday i had the crazy idea of starting a folksy shop. I have made hair accessories for myself before and decided it could be fun to try and sell some! Heres a couple of pictures of what i have made so far! CLICK HERE  
to look at the rest! Will be adding more over the next couple of weeks, i have more materials at uni i want to play around with! 

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