Tuesday, 19 April 2011


In the process of trying to finish my essay today i have managed to consume an entire bar of galaxy caramel chocolate! Googling images to accompany this post i found:

A chocolate baby wtf?? 
Ok apparently they arent chocolate but they are pretty creepy looking!

Monday, 18 April 2011

320 words

Left to write of my essay... I am presuming this doesn't include referencing and footnotes as that will definitely up my word count by about 500...
Haven't looked at this since before i started my easter shifts at the service station. Wont be seeing that place until some point in the summer (whenever i run out of money!) Which, whilst the people are (mostly) nice and not unbelievably frustrating, i just cant handle getting up at 6am anymore, however much i want to pay off my overdraft! 
Was up in yorkshire for a couple of days in between my manic working hours. Tis pretty nice up there, especially the company. Also got to go to a nice Ye Olde sweet shop, reminds me of the many times me and my friend have gone to the one in bath and spent all of our random change on paper money, popping candy and lollies. We are such children! I recommend apple and custard mega lollies-amazing! :)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


That was one of the best sleeps i have ever had in my life! I have been working the early shifts for the past 5 days which means getting up at 6 every day to work for 8 hours! It would be an understatement to say that yesterday i was absolutely knackered and sick of standing up on a till barely moving. 
Though i still have work later (last shift before i go up and see the boyfriend yayyy) it is at 3 which means today i could actually sleep in properly and wake up to the sun shining and being able to sit in it rather than seeing it through the windows behind the coffee shop and having everyone tell you how lovely it is outside! 
Right, time to go top up my freckles :)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Doing random research and taking ages to do any kind of uni work today. Doesnt help much that our lecturer talks about images that seem to be unknown to google images or anywhere else on the internet.... Seriously how am i supposed to annotate anything when i cant find the images to stick in and annotate!!! 
 Rant over.. So i also found today that the editors of one of my favourite books "Illustration play-craving for the extraordinary" have brought out a second version here!
Now i am really excited and wish i had £20 going spare as the first version of this book was so beautiful! It is a nice weighty book with an embossed cover and different types of paper for each artists work. All the artists are completely different from one another and anyone who loves traditional, "make-y" art will love this! Its not that i don't think digital art is good i just find you have lost some of the fun when everything is done with a mac and a tablet! anyone else feel the same? Anyho here are some images from book 2!

Friday, 1 April 2011


I think i had underestimated how much the ability to talk affects my mood. Have been ill the past week with a bad cough which has slowly progressed into me completely losing my voice! Usually i would just have some hot blackcurrant squash which would give me a voice for a couple of hours but today even this isnt working! You would have thought as i cant gossip or chat in the kitchen to distract myself i would actually do some uni work/essay research but this is looking fairly unlikely ahhh well. Just had some heinz cream of tomato soup which is an absolute godsend when you are ill i definitely recommend it! Also watching the dvd of our cheer competition made me happy, finally seeing the routine from the front-looks so awesome! 
May start to pack in a bit but for now here are some sketchbook images from the module i just finished drawing down by the sea! Plus my screen print for that project!