Friday, 1 April 2011


I think i had underestimated how much the ability to talk affects my mood. Have been ill the past week with a bad cough which has slowly progressed into me completely losing my voice! Usually i would just have some hot blackcurrant squash which would give me a voice for a couple of hours but today even this isnt working! You would have thought as i cant gossip or chat in the kitchen to distract myself i would actually do some uni work/essay research but this is looking fairly unlikely ahhh well. Just had some heinz cream of tomato soup which is an absolute godsend when you are ill i definitely recommend it! Also watching the dvd of our cheer competition made me happy, finally seeing the routine from the front-looks so awesome! 
May start to pack in a bit but for now here are some sketchbook images from the module i just finished drawing down by the sea! Plus my screen print for that project!



  1. Hi, Josie, I've also had a bad cough this week. It must be that time of the year, when everything melts and the germs come out! Thanks for your note about the FFFound invite! I don't have one yet, so if you have a spare one lying around that would be great! THANK YOU!!! Oh, and sorry that I didn't email you directly, but I couldn't find an email address on your page. :-)

  2. Oh, and here's my email address. Thanks! dessertgirl.erin AT