Monday, 18 April 2011

320 words

Left to write of my essay... I am presuming this doesn't include referencing and footnotes as that will definitely up my word count by about 500...
Haven't looked at this since before i started my easter shifts at the service station. Wont be seeing that place until some point in the summer (whenever i run out of money!) Which, whilst the people are (mostly) nice and not unbelievably frustrating, i just cant handle getting up at 6am anymore, however much i want to pay off my overdraft! 
Was up in yorkshire for a couple of days in between my manic working hours. Tis pretty nice up there, especially the company. Also got to go to a nice Ye Olde sweet shop, reminds me of the many times me and my friend have gone to the one in bath and spent all of our random change on paper money, popping candy and lollies. We are such children! I recommend apple and custard mega lollies-amazing! :)

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