Monday, 29 November 2010

the sea hare

Had such a nice day at home yesterday, had a wander round baths christmas market which was freezing but very pretty as there was a little bit of snow left!! Had roast dinner before leaving which was yummy, i miss real food! Had a bit of a panic last night about how behind i am on work, have so many different things to do on this module! However i stayed late in the studio to do my storyboard, 5 pages in my sketchbook which for me is impressive as i am very impatient... We got to pick from 3 fairytales to illustrate, i chose The Sea Hare by the Grimm brothers read here . Used conte crayon which is one of my favourite mediums, i officially like being messy, plus you can create amazing shadows and sillhouettes. These actually remind me a bit of pinhole photos, dark and smudgy! Anyway its something fun to develop on :)

Saturday, 27 November 2010


Its freezing outside in Plymouth, its supposed to snow on tuesday but feels so cold i am surprised it hasnt started already! Going home today! Its snowing in the nam and tomorrow i am going to see the christmas market in Bath which will be awesome in the snow! cant wait! Just got a haircut though, very short! i really like it but it means freezing neck whenever i step out the door! ahh well. 

Friday, 26 November 2010


Today i am feeling very hungover.. went out for an illustration social last night, theme was "be your own superhero" i pretty much just wore pyjamas as a cape! i was jammy josie woop! spent a lot of the night running around shouting loudly, shooting people with a fake gun i stole from a guy and mocking a guy on my course for sounding bristolian... oh and pretending to milk my friend who was wearing a cow outfit... pretty odd..

Bottom photo is me and my best friend who i saw out celebrating the fact that she is no longer on crutches after breaking her ankle walking down the stairs!! Was awesome to see her but it means we can now no longer do the cripple dance, basically spinning around jumping on one leg, its actually really fun!

Going out tonight dressed in Harry Potter themed outfits which will be fun though not sure if i can stomach any alcohol.. And then i am off home tomorrow for the weekend which i am excited about :)

Thursday, 25 November 2010


Today was a very odd day. A few weeks ago there was an advert up for people to help model in a 50s party scene photoshoot for some photography students. Me and my friend Jess decided to go for it as you get hair and makeup done and it looked pretty fun. Anyway so everyone had amazing hairstyles done, one girl had her up in a bow shape which was incredible! They styled us up in party dresses and had fake alcoholic drinks and cigarette holders as props. All in all it was a pretty strange day, but fun all the same, having to look into a guys eyes like you are in love is a bit odd when you barely know them.. Also trying not to giggle when you know they are taking film shots which are expensive... ah well, we get a print at the end which i cant wait to see! 
I am in the green! dress was amazing i wanted to steal it..

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


So today me and my flatmate went down to Plymouth aquarium to see some fishes :) I had the day off for "drawing out" which basically means wandering around drawing things you find interesting! There were some pretty sad looking star fish in one tank who were missing legs because they had been eaten by a snail who lived in the same tank :( they grow them back pretty quickly though, there were some with baby legs!! Sat for ages watching sharks and rays in the biggest tank, they were all swimming round the remains of a crashed plane which was pretty awesome. Anyway it was a nice relaxing afternoon and has inspired me to dress up as a jellyfish for my cheerleading social tomorrow! (its sea themed) definitely going to look like an idiot..

Monday, 22 November 2010

Hi there

Ok so this is my first attempt at blogging... My name is Josie and I have just started studying Illustration at Plymouth university. This here blog is hopefully going to get filled with my work, and other art and shizz i find interesting! So today we started a new module on creating narratives and sequence. We will be creating artwork based on fairytales (yay!) i did my final project at college on Grimms fairytales so definitely excited about this! First task was creating mini books to show sequences and also creating a THAUMATROPE which is one of the victorian toys that you spin to combine two images. anyone who has seen the film sleepy hollow will know what i mean. I chose to base mine on the optical illusion which can be percieved as either two faces or a vase. Pretty happy with it actually, i would gladly sit around all day making these :)