Sunday, 17 February 2013

photography lesson :)

My friend Lois came round and was talking about how she wants a hobby! I was showing her different things you can do with an SLR camera incase she decides to take up photography! Was pretty funny in the end and some of the photos are damn good :D

Played around with the colours of these :)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Pinterest picks this week :)

Have been asked to do another one of these so I figured I would procrastinate a little more...

This week we had an arts showcase where there were guest lecturers from all sorts of backgrounds. We had Clare Owen and Rob Hodgson come in and talk about their work which was awesome! Its so nice being able to talk to working illustrators about what they are doing!

Clare Owen

Rob Hodgson

Henk Wyniger

Vintage circus pictures

Umbrella tree!

Lily Cole by Tim Walker 
(if you ever have a spare £60 I suggest buying his book "pictures" 
it is so worth it I could look at it for hours!)

Scotch Tape series by Wes Naman

Beautiful Blythe doll portraits by Shannon_Taylor on flickr

Natural Rock pools in Turkey-I remember going here when I was very little! 

Nick Meek "Welcome to Yosemite"

Stephen Emerson "Shadow People"

Lots of photos this week! Might start doing themes for this :)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Fire Spinning

I joined the university juggling club at the start of this year as I have wanted to learn more poi and hula hoop tricks for ages!  Since then I have been doing mainly hooping, Amelia the president  is amazing at hooping so has inspired me and the other hoopers to learn lots in a pretty short space of time!

On sundays we often do fire spinning sessions which are fun, if a little scary when flaming poi nearly hit you in the face...

Have been using my new camera to experiment with light trails and long exposure, my photos can end up being pretty abstract at times. This is why I didn't do a photography degree, because I hate being told how I should use my camera when I like to just place around with it :)

One of the jugglers brought along his housemates to celebrate chinese new year and they had chinese lanterns and sparklers to play with!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Pinterest is amazing!

So if anyone hasn't yet discovered pinterest, this is me recommending how wonderful it is! I find as an art student, you spend a lot of time collecting folders of images to be printed and stuck into books, it is a fairly lengthy process, and does make you wonder if you are doing a degree in cutting and sticking...

I now use Pinterest to collect together groups of images for various purposes, for ideas, mood boards, favourite artists, things to make etc. And as it saves a description, and links back to the original images, you don't have to wonder where it came from, very useful when you are one of those people who would save files and forget which artist the image was by, always helpful during artist research

You can see mine over here

Here are some lovely things I have pinned. 

Illustration by Rob Hodgson

Degas sculpture (which I saw in person at the MET-beautiful!)

Illustration by Julian Callos

Advice To Sink In Slowly poster-Ingunn Dybendal

Paper art by Fideli Sundqvist

Book Cut-Francesca Lowe

Kumi Yamashita shadow art

Jon Toogood tattoo design, Jon is my cousin who works in London, this is the first drawing I saw that made me consider getting a tattoo, until then I had never seen anything I would consider putting on my body! 

Luke Pearson 
Jon Carling

Jay Cover

May do another of these next week, there are too many nice images for me to choose from!