Saturday, 16 February 2013

Pinterest picks this week :)

Have been asked to do another one of these so I figured I would procrastinate a little more...

This week we had an arts showcase where there were guest lecturers from all sorts of backgrounds. We had Clare Owen and Rob Hodgson come in and talk about their work which was awesome! Its so nice being able to talk to working illustrators about what they are doing!

Clare Owen

Rob Hodgson

Henk Wyniger

Vintage circus pictures

Umbrella tree!

Lily Cole by Tim Walker 
(if you ever have a spare £60 I suggest buying his book "pictures" 
it is so worth it I could look at it for hours!)

Scotch Tape series by Wes Naman

Beautiful Blythe doll portraits by Shannon_Taylor on flickr

Natural Rock pools in Turkey-I remember going here when I was very little! 

Nick Meek "Welcome to Yosemite"

Stephen Emerson "Shadow People"

Lots of photos this week! Might start doing themes for this :)

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