Thursday, 14 February 2013

Fire Spinning

I joined the university juggling club at the start of this year as I have wanted to learn more poi and hula hoop tricks for ages!  Since then I have been doing mainly hooping, Amelia the president  is amazing at hooping so has inspired me and the other hoopers to learn lots in a pretty short space of time!

On sundays we often do fire spinning sessions which are fun, if a little scary when flaming poi nearly hit you in the face...

Have been using my new camera to experiment with light trails and long exposure, my photos can end up being pretty abstract at times. This is why I didn't do a photography degree, because I hate being told how I should use my camera when I like to just place around with it :)

One of the jugglers brought along his housemates to celebrate chinese new year and they had chinese lanterns and sparklers to play with!

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