Friday, 10 August 2012

FAB day off

So, the camp decided to try something different for our days off this week. They shut the fine arts building entirely so we could all have our day off together so that every station could be open for the rest of the week. This meant the entire FAB crew were off together so we all made plans to hang out for the whole day.

We started going for breakfast at the diner... well, we went to the diner, decided it would be too long to wait and then drove to 3 other places (none of which did breakfast) before going back to the diner-bit of a fail but the food was amazing and totally worth it! Eggs on toast here make me a ridiculous level of happy :)

We then went and bought food and booze from stewarts, $2.99 for 6 cans and $2 frozen cocktails in bags, oh and goldfish crackers and cookies, i cant have a day off without buying goldfish crackers!

A few of our crew knew a path through the woods to a lower part of buttermilk falls where the water is stopped by 3 massive boulders so you can swim and chill out, it is really quiet and gorgeous. I do like the other area too but it was really nice to have a place all to ourselves.

We chilled out there for a few hours drinking cocktails out of bags like the classy people we are and having some beers in the lake. I took my big camera so got some gorgeous photos, we ended up taking some model like shots for shits and giggles since the scenery was so gorgeous and Kevn and Meg both have awesome 80s hair! 

We then all went to Megs holiday home which is about 40 mins away from camp. We cooked up some gorgeous food and had key lime pie for dessert before curling up on the sofas to watch Harry Potter. I fell asleep for a bit and then we had to drive back to camp, seriously did not want to leave! But still, amaaazing day, I do love the FAB crew!