Friday, 26 November 2010


Today i am feeling very hungover.. went out for an illustration social last night, theme was "be your own superhero" i pretty much just wore pyjamas as a cape! i was jammy josie woop! spent a lot of the night running around shouting loudly, shooting people with a fake gun i stole from a guy and mocking a guy on my course for sounding bristolian... oh and pretending to milk my friend who was wearing a cow outfit... pretty odd..

Bottom photo is me and my best friend who i saw out celebrating the fact that she is no longer on crutches after breaking her ankle walking down the stairs!! Was awesome to see her but it means we can now no longer do the cripple dance, basically spinning around jumping on one leg, its actually really fun!

Going out tonight dressed in Harry Potter themed outfits which will be fun though not sure if i can stomach any alcohol.. And then i am off home tomorrow for the weekend which i am excited about :)

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