Monday, 29 November 2010

the sea hare

Had such a nice day at home yesterday, had a wander round baths christmas market which was freezing but very pretty as there was a little bit of snow left!! Had roast dinner before leaving which was yummy, i miss real food! Had a bit of a panic last night about how behind i am on work, have so many different things to do on this module! However i stayed late in the studio to do my storyboard, 5 pages in my sketchbook which for me is impressive as i am very impatient... We got to pick from 3 fairytales to illustrate, i chose The Sea Hare by the Grimm brothers read here . Used conte crayon which is one of my favourite mediums, i officially like being messy, plus you can create amazing shadows and sillhouettes. These actually remind me a bit of pinhole photos, dark and smudgy! Anyway its something fun to develop on :)

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