Thursday, 25 November 2010


Today was a very odd day. A few weeks ago there was an advert up for people to help model in a 50s party scene photoshoot for some photography students. Me and my friend Jess decided to go for it as you get hair and makeup done and it looked pretty fun. Anyway so everyone had amazing hairstyles done, one girl had her up in a bow shape which was incredible! They styled us up in party dresses and had fake alcoholic drinks and cigarette holders as props. All in all it was a pretty strange day, but fun all the same, having to look into a guys eyes like you are in love is a bit odd when you barely know them.. Also trying not to giggle when you know they are taking film shots which are expensive... ah well, we get a print at the end which i cant wait to see! 
I am in the green! dress was amazing i wanted to steal it..

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