Saturday, 4 December 2010


Today i am really really tired. Went out last night to a snow party in the su! wasnt really snow just really shit foam but still it was probably better since at foam partys i usually drown because i am so short!! ahhh i have so much work to do today but i am hungover so i figure if i wait till after cheerleading i will have sweated out my hangover... it usually works, if it doesnt i still have to go in i have so much i am behind on :(
Anyway we made pancakes for breakfast today, with nutella and frankly it was amazing! my brain hurts ergh. I think i just need to stress blog.. feel like i should put a picture of something in. Here is a christmas themed cutout by artist Chadou Yama, she is amazing! There are more of these toilet roll cutouts on her flickr here

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