Monday, 20 December 2010


Just tried to do some cheer routine practice, am out of breath just doing the dance and jumps and thats not even doing stunting or running around... I wish i had a dance studio to practice in, then at least i can see if it looks wrong and i can make it look better! Its too cold in my house so i figured dancing would warm me up now i am just stupidly out of breath... Been at work all day which is fairly dull, only made more interesting by chatting to people about snow and where they are going and selling more 99p promotional dairy milks to people than the guy on the early shift! Have been back at moto for 2 days and i have already had 2 free burger kings-bad plan, this is not going to be a healthy christmas! 
Left my SLR camera at uni which i am now a little bit annoyed at myself about... Tomorrow i am going to be very self indulgent and go for a nice long wander in the snow and take some photos before spending the afternoon playing around on photoshop! Screw doing actual uni work! I need a new sketchbook so i have nothing to work in anyway... here are some i took last year :

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