Saturday, 1 January 2011

snow and other things...

Havent been on here in aaages. I planned on posting these photos before christmas and it seems there has been too much business going on... 
These are from just before christmas, my one and only time of enjoying the snow i went out with my dogs and kicked snow up for Toby who likes to jump up and try and eat it, he looks pretty crazy whilst doing it ;) 
Christmas was good, i did well on presents even though they all seem to point to me becoming a housewife! Got some cooking things, a cupcake and muffin recipe book from which i just made banana muffins (amazing). And a sewing machine from my parents to use at uni! Planning on going to the charity shop in Plymouth with a 50p rail and buying stuff to cut up! 
First day of the new year today. Last night was interesting, a typical Nam night out: get averagely drunk at someones house, go to Brunel for cheap cocktails and to get more drunk, try and blag student discount on the way into Karma-which never works even though they advertise it, dance for a bit and then spend the rest of the night wandering around trying to find people/find a toilet that locks with loo roll/waiting at the bar/waiting for your friends to finish pulling their latest guy. Or at least thats how my nights always seem to go! Though i did have a nice phone call in the middle and the music was much more cheesy than chavvy since it was new years! 
Last shift at work today too, which is nice as now i have a week to see people, get some work done and maybe do some relaxing for once as it is the holidays! Though i will miss free burger king and the general banter, oh and actually having money go into my bank... ah well, bring on easter i guess...

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