Wednesday, 26 January 2011

happiness and mess

Today i had a little bit of a stress on. Our student rep is having a meeting with our course leader and i was writing down everyones complaints and thoughts on how we are all getting behind on work because of how many different tasks we have at one time! As i was writing all this down i think it all infiltrated my brain and i had a sudden realisation of how many things i havent done for this module and how little time i have to do them in... 
So i came back to the flat and did a few pages in my mess book. The first involved dropping tiny strips of paper onto glue from a height! This worked ok but means i now have paper strips everywhere... The second involved pouring coloured liquid on the page and moving it all different directions, i did this with ink, then watercolour, then more ink, then nail varnish. Nail varnish looks awesome dripped onto paper i have decided, however i couldnt use too much as the only ones i have at uni are nails inc. and no7 and i didnt want to waste their awesomeness! After this i went in for a talk on making mind maps to help with research and remembering information. We got to do a sample mind map on "Happiness". In all seriousness, if you are ever down, do a mind map on happiness and it will genuinely cheer you up. Just thinking up all the awesome and amazing things you like you suddenly realise how many things there are in this world that are good. Mine could have gone on forever but the page was too small so i may have to make another one! 

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