Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Today is better than yesterday. 
One of my many tasks over the christmas holidays was to find some text about a them and then do some illustrations relating to it. We chose to do dolls. Ages ago, for fun, and because i find them intriguing, i took some macro photographs of dolls i found. They came out looking pretty creepy to be honest, but i think i need to stop worrying about my work looking creepy because when it comes down to it, i always have to make drawings dark in some way. Any work without black doesnt look finished! I think this stems from my obsession with shadows in photography, I am just drawn to darkness, it just makes everything more interesting! 

Anyway today i did a couple of paintings of those photos, i gave up on making them exact, they are more just inspired by the photos i think, not perfect but i think i got the feeling right.

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