Monday, 24 January 2011

typography and all that jazz

Been learning to do page layouts in in design and working on them for the past week. I spent many hours thursday and friday getting mine finished so i figured i would put mine up. Had a feedback session today and i still have a few things to change but we have so much other work on i am not sure when i will ever get round to it.. 
About to start making some very hilarious outfits for this wednesday. We have a cheerleading social which is "hooters" themed, basically dressing up like the waitresses from the hooters restaurant chain in very small shorts/skirts and vest tops! Currently trying to work out how to make pink pleated skirts for 3 of us! They are proving hard to make right now as i dont think i have enough fabric... may have to find something to cut up and make inserts so they dont split open at the sides!

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