Friday, 21 January 2011

Paris sketches

Got back from Paris a week ago but i have been stupidly busy this week with deadlines and a typography project which i finished today! Was an awesome trip with many shared jokes and memories, i really want to go back in the summer as Paris is an amazing city! So many different galleries and places to see. We spent much of our time drawing out, basically drawing people and things we found interesting, this is only a sample of the many fairly stupid and funny drawings. Some of the above were drawn not looking at the page which is why they are quite ridiculous!Going to Newquay this weekend which i am excited about, need a break so hopefully we can chill on the beach for most of sunday after a night out tomorrow!
Falling asleep at the keyboard a little bit... Spent all day on Indesign making book layouts which i will post soon, they are looking pretty good which i am glad about since i am shattered!

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