Tuesday, 4 January 2011

up to my elbows

Hmmm today has been feeling stressful. I spent most of the day attempting to do work and failing miserably.. Wrote about 500 words comparing 2 pictures for my research project and attempted to do a drawing which failed miserably when i spilled water over it and myself! Got 2 more pages done in my mess book today, i needed to do something which didn't require any thought! One page required putting something on your elbows and then leaning on the page! i used paint and ink which was rather messy and i felt like little bit of a child... Also got a phone call from my friend as i was going to wash my elbows, i think he thinks i am crazy now after me telling him i had to ring him back because my elbows were covered in paint... Ah well, here's some pages of mess, and an ink drawing i did to test the paper in my new sketchbook!

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