Sunday, 21 October 2012

Gig at Annabelles

So last night I went to a gig at Annabelles cabaret and discotheque in Plymouth. I had always wanted to go there since it just sounded awesome and they have the odd burlesque show which sounded even more exciting! Anyway, I got me and a friend in for free because I did some poster artwork for the band, Jessica and the Rabbits. They are a 7 piece jazz and blues cover band. They all dress in black white and red and play some seriously awesome tunes :)

I too, my friend Jess and we sat for a bit and drank pints of cider (cos it's cheap and we are poor students) pretending to look sophisticated in this very nice boudoir style bar before the band started playing.

We realised after a while that we were stood next to a group of drag queens who once the band started we're absolutely loving it! We had a good dance throughout their first set and left midway through the second set because the locals got creepy... No offence to most Plymouth locals but the odd ones ruin your reputation when walk around grabbing every single female in the room!



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