Wednesday, 6 July 2011

happy 4th of July!

Ok this is perhaps 2 days late but nevermind. I have been off all over the place the past couple of weeks! Went to France for a week with my uni flatmates and their friends, there ended up being about 15 of us all helping my flatmates parents with odd jobs and building work on their barn. Was great fun, especially the evenings spent eating large amounts of food and drinking even larger amounts of very cheap wine! 
Flew back into London and went straight to visit my friend Hannah who had a load of us to stay for some partying and celebration for her birthday and to say goodbye before she goes off to america for uni next year (jealous much!) 
So we had a couple of nights out in Windsor, lots of Pimms and jelly shots! Went for a boat ride down the river, cream teas at the Duchess of Cambridge, and a night out in London, american themed for independence day!!!
I went out dressed as Miss America, almost forgot it was the 4th only to be reminded by the many americans in the texass embassy bar who all thought we were very patriotic americans! "OMG are you miss america?" "yes... im english.." awkward! Ah well they seemed impressed by our efforts at joining in the celebration!


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