Thursday, 8 March 2012


Sooo need to collect some reference for one of my drawing projects combining humans with animals. Have been instructed to look at artists who have captured character well. I decided to turn it into a blog post because I am ill in bed and it seems like the most effortless way of collecting imagery :) 
Taken from 50watts

Illustrations from 1927 book "Animal Village" by Takeo Takei

"Hintergrund" drawings by George Grosz for a 1928 german performance of "The Good Soldier Svejk"

"Les Peries De Pluie" 1975 childrens book illustrated by Lucienne Fontannaz 

 Questionable imagery from Sigmund Freuds niece Martha, under the pseudonym Tom Seidmann Freud, illustrations from "The Book of Rabbit Stories"  1927

Kumadori prints by Konobu Hasegawa 1867-1879, these prints show Kabuki make-up, exaggerated makeup worn by Japanese actors, especially those playing dramatic roles.

Ruth Tzarvati "The Biography of a Hamster" 1964

Its all in the hands!

"D'r Luschdig Zipiti und Sini Schbezel" by Paul Hosch and Hans Melching, 1915


  1. All these drawing are amazing! Thanx for the inspirational post!

  2. Wow, those Freud drawings are crazy. Are those from a children's book??? Love the hamsters. So great.