Monday, 18 March 2013

24 hour comic

Last Friday I took part in a 24 hour comic to raise money for Comic Relief and my end of year show in London. Idea was that we would sit in the University library for 24 hours and aim to complete a 24 page comic.

My sister was visiting so my personal aim was to do 8 hours, leave to meet my sister, go out, then come back at 2am to do another 8 hours, oh and finish 24 pages in 2/3 of the time! Since I have never drawn a comic before I knew this would be interesting...


It started well, we all cracked on and started to get so, decent work done, above is my first page.

Above are my characters entering a fantasy land in between earth and the underworld! I wanted to use the ghost and girl from the book I did before Christmas because I never finished giving them a story! This is the last bit I did before going out and drinking, at this point I had 14 pages! I came back to the library looking like this :p

Library was pretty much empty other than us! And there was a lovely drawing in the notebook i left. It all got a little silly at this point because we were overtired, I was sobering up, and everyone's brains were scrambled... There were a lot of times where we were in hysterics for no reason whatsoever and at one point I did a motivation dance!

My characters went to fight some "Evol Spiritz" and my friend George who does medicine got a cameo:

By around 6-7 we were all slowly dragging out our last drawings, it was a fairly painful experience trying to beat the clock whilst trying to stay awake! I was done by 8.30 which meant I could watch Green Wing with my eyes mostly shut. More shots of the comics will appear on our tumblr and I will be printing some up to sell soon :)



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