Sunday, 6 February 2011


Today i woke up twice, firstly at 11am to read a text from my flatmate asking if i was awake, and the second time at 1pm with her ringing me and me swearing suddenly realizing how late it was... 
I didnt really have a plan for today but i still feel a little bit bad as i have wasted half the day. Am off to buy arnicare in a minute as our cheerleading coach said it was good for bruises and I have massive ones on both arms from doing basket tosses yesterday! Our stunt groups are made up of 5 people and yesterday we found out our front spot has broken her arm on a night out, bit of a disaster as its 3 weeks till the first competition :( ! Our coach has someone else lined up I just hope we can get the stunts in time as we are all a bit thrown off by the fact that our group will have to change..
We got our uniform last week and it is pretty amazing! My skirt is nearly a respectable length which I was glad about as some people looked like they were made for 12 year olds! Another complaint people had is that their spanky pants were too small, last year they had boy short style ones but this year they are more like briefs! I have yet to get mine but I am hoping they change them as I am not up for showing my arse to hundreds of people. 
Thought i would also post our team photo, we look pretty awesome to be honest, I am glad our uniform isnt pink and sparkly as I dont think it would suit the squad! However we do all have to wear huge bows in our hair which i like but some people think make them look like minnie mouse!

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