Monday, 7 February 2011

this week

I am currently looking forward to my first stupidly busy week since the week before halloween when i went out 6/7 nights in a week! We have 3 weeks left on our fairytale project which means I have loads of work to do including a dummy book of my story, layout plans, character development and more experimentation. This means I have no time for being hungover...
Which sucks because starting from Wednesday I have 4 nights out in a row. Kit night with the cheerleaders, not to be missed, Example playing in Oceana thurs which will be amazing, a house party at the boyf's house on friday and a kids themed party with vodka jelly and icecream on saturday... Mental!
Ah well I am chilling out tomorrow to prepare myself for the craziness which means a short meeting in the morning then some drawing at the aquarium! awesome! 
Here is a drawing from today(more eyes)  and some crazy images I was using for reference, Fennec foxes and Basking sharks! The foxes are so cute!!

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