Monday, 16 May 2011

nearly finished

I have my last assessment tomorrow, which means, with the exception of our end of year show, i have finished my first year of uni! I celebrated this yesterday by going out for a huge dessert with the boyf, awesome :) and then half price pizza today, even better. Considering i am not using the gym or doing cheerleading anymore this is pretty terrible but ahh well.
Had a "bring a boy day" at cheer on saturday, our last session which involved everyone bringing people to try some stunting, jumps and tumbling. This ended up being pretty much all the american footballers, and a few others. Pretty hilarious trying to teach guys twice the size and strength of me to base! On the flipside i did get to base a guy which made me feel slightly less weak!
Anyho, though i would put up some things i've been doing recently including some chinese painting from a class i did, some etching prints, and my final editorial piece for my last project! 

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