Friday, 27 May 2011

summer ball preparations

So today, I started off trying to clear out my room in halls to get rid of all the crap before i pack up and leave uni. In the end i got distracted by all the random spare fabric i had left from customizing random clothes all year. Decided to make some hair bands for my online store. Made a load of plaited ones in different colours and they came out rather nicely! 

Got my dress for tomorrow from a tiny charity shop in plymouth called the pepperpot. It has a 50p rail outside which i always seem to get random exciting things from, in this case it was an 80s style prom dress with a broken net petticoat! I have now fixed the petticoat and shortened it all, surprised at how it actually worked in the end, can barely breath in it but thats another matter...

Also today i got my friend jess over to make some vodka jellies, we then got carried away and decided to also make skittles vodka, and put wine gums in the jellies to make them even better! All in all it has been a very successful day :) now all i need to do is get some good sleep ready for the 9 hour insanity tomorrow!!! oh, and breakfast at 24 hour diner goodbodys at 4am, standard!

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