Monday, 16 July 2012

behind on blogging cos im knackered!

Gahhh, no idea where all the time went! So last I posted was after our first week of teaching when I was still trying to work out what on earth was going on... We have just finished our first 3 week session and there are 10 new girls currently asleep in the bunk :).

May add pictures to this at some point but for now its just words, sorry.

So, trying to remember all the events that have happened the past few weeks:

  • I ran into a bear at 1am leaving the fine arts building and ended up hiding out there with a guy from circus which was pretty hilarious, it left eventually and I sneaked back!
  • Celebrated 4th of July a day late because the fireworks got rained out... still, they were pretty good even if they were each 5 minutes apart :p
  • I spent around 4 days on a project trying to make a giant papier-mache rock which completely collapsed when we took it off which ended up in a pretty hilarious situation of a load of us hiding inside of it trying to hold it up and failing miserably... I am pretty sure the fine art staff threw it away but I dont have the heart to ask haha.
  • Put up my first ever long lake art show, my kids work was mixed in with painting, weaving and photography, we were up until 2.30 am putting everything up but it did look pretty awesome in the end!
  • I survived parents weekend, this is basically the weekend where all the parents come to get their kids and watch all of the shows, there were over 20 different shows in the end which is crazy! I saw the circus, Jekyll and Hyde, Legally Blonde and Aida. The kids here are unbelievably talented, we have had a few talent nights and the standard is insane! They are all so confident in their singing and music too, I am secretly a little bit jealous.
  • Bastard chipmunk stole my dairymilk :( there was one that kept coming in the bunk and running around on parents weekend and i saw it running out the door, chased it and it dropped 5 chunks of dairymilk!! I looked today and it has managed to get into the rest which sucks cos now I have no more british chocolate!

Now back to today. Second session starts with us all waiting out on the grass, playing guitars, frisbee and generally just chilling and waiting for kids to arrive. Very expensive looking cars start to appear and if a kid is in your bunk you are called to help them with luggage and show them in.
Last time we were all so much more excited, today we were being a lot more lazy with the cheering of cars arriving but ahhh well. Our bunk didn't actually have anyone arrive until the buses arrived at 5pm so we had 10 kids arrive at once with the most insane amounts of luggage you have ever seen! I didn't think they could bring more than the last ones but they proved me wrong! They all bring the 7ft long bags that look like they could store a body, this session one girl has two of these 7ft long bags!! I have 10 weeks worth of stuff in on 65 litre backpack...  

I am now sat in the rec hall where they store all the candy for canteen and theres a load of racoons in there eating crisps and raiding bins! The noises freak me out after th bear incident but they are kinda cute :p

Anywaaay guys, hope you can bear to read this without any visual stimuli, will try and whack some photos in but it may take me till september cos I am feeling crazy busy!

Please comment, I like knowing you guys are actually reading the rubbish I type, Josie xx

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  1. 'Bastard chipmunk stole my dairymilk' hahahaha x x x x