Friday, 27 July 2012

halfway through woop

So as of.. wednesday i think, we are now halfway through camp! It is going crazy fast right now, I am having a great time, but I am starting to feel like the end is just gonna creep up on me!

Second session brought much louder, more mature girls than last session. We just had friday night talent night and four of our girls performed, 3 sang and one did stand up comedy-they were all insanely brilliant!

As far as teaching this session goes, I have had some kids do some really good work, but I feel like I am running out of time to get them doing more. This is mainly to do with the peanut pals project! Peanut Pals is kindof like secret santa but in the summer. You take a peanut with a name in it, and you have to make that persons life good for the next 3 days. This could mean getting someone to take them hot chocolate, giving them candy from canteen, or making something for them in the FAB.

I have been running "peanut pals postcards" for the past two days and I swear if I see another drawing of a dancing peanut with arms and legs I may scream... My desk has been overrun with crazy children leaving half done peanut pal drawings everywhere and leaving no space for the couple who actually want to do good work which is making me sad, its all over tomorrow thank god, I am excited to get back to actual teaching!

I also really want to run some figure drawing classes but I have caught a bug that is going round camp and barely have a voice right now which sucks for telling off kids and trying to teach large groups. I really hope I can run a session next week so I can emulate Dean and get really excited about drawing and make them use some crazy materials.

Last weekend was pretty epic. My day off was on the saturday and my friend drives.We went to the diner in Long Lake for breakfast which was probably my best meal here, hadn't had properly done eggs or toast for 5 weeks! We then took a trip to buttermilk falls, a picnic site with a river to swim in and rocks to lie out on. We sat around with some beers and jumped in the river lots, it it a pretty magical looking place :)

Sunday we had zombie day, each sunday the FAB staff have a different theme. That day we had to go straight after breakfast to put zombie makeup on for morning meeting, where everyone makes announcements for what they are doing that day. We all stood around looking freaky whilst the camp directors daughter ran around pretending to "slay" us with a plastic sword!

The day continued with loads of kids getting zombied up as well as all of the kitchen staff. We went through so much fake blood, mint flavoured, it was weirdly tasty!
They then had a brain eating contest with jello brains that had strange and disgusting things in. The kids had marshmallows and cereal, the councillors had hot sauce, mayonnaise, sausages, and many other gross things... lots of them threw up after as it was rank!
We finished off with a zombie vs human waterballoon fight and I de-zombied for an afternoon of sports and chilling by the lake ;)

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