Friday, 21 December 2012

Home for christmas

I am now home for christmas and I have been spending this week getting ready for christmas in the Lake District with the family. Having so many deadlines so close to christmas has meant i haven't chilled out for a while so its nice to have not a lot to do for once!

I photographed my cousins wedding a couple of weeks ago which was really fun, if a little stressful as I had never done it before! I decided after that weekend that my SLR was getting a bit sad and old and it was time to invest in a new one so I managed to trade it in for a new Nikon just in time for christmas :) 

Here are some christmassy pictures from around my house. I also downloaded Lightroom last week which is an absolute godsend if you are editing large batches of photos, i would definitely recommend it.

Because we are nice to the environment these days we have a willow christmas tree!

My dogs are fairly rubbish at staying still for photos... Toby just likes to run straight at the camera and try and jump on me rather than look at the lense...

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