Friday, 4 January 2013

Christmas in the lakes

So this is way overdue since I didn't have my laptop over christmas and I haven't had a chance to edit my photos. 

I went to the Lake District with my family for a week over christmas.
I loved having this whole week to play around with my new camera, here is what we got up to!

Lots of walking in the hills.

We found some logs which people had shoved coins into, anyone know why this is? some kind of lucky charm?

We searched out waterfalls

And Robins

We had a blue and white christmas tree

I made christmas biscuits with sparkles

Mum knitted me and my sister awesome hats!

We resurrected the family tradition of indoor fireworks, making some holes in the tablecloth! 

And we also went out on my sisters inflatable kayak and made up songs about floating on a lake!

What did everyone else do for christmas? Get any exciting presents?

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