Friday, 4 January 2013

Plans for the new year

I have decided to use my instagram feed to show some of my plans for this year, not really resolutions because I never make new years resolutions, more just a few reminders for the coming months :)

1-Never stop drawing, even if your brain hurts from doing the same thing all day just find another sketchbook and doodle some weird things in it for fun! use this but for drawings.

2-Keep hooping. I started to learn hula hooping this year and I am hoping to get good enough to perform by the summer, when I feel I have improved enough I will reward myself with an LED hoop (because they are awesome)

3-Keep playing guitar, go to open mics. I am performing at a concert at the end of this month, I can count my public performances on one hand, I want to get to the point where I can play without shaking!

4-Make more things, do more craft fairs. I have enjoyed trying to sell more this year, though it is hard when you fail, I have learnt lots from every fair I have done and am slowly getting better at working out what is worth the effort of making and what people like. Will hopefully set up an online shop soon.

5-Eat more food like this. When deadlines loom my studio diet starts to look more like this:-

 Leading to: 6-Take food into the studio so that this isn't my dinner!

7-Work really hard on dissertation and keep motivated.

8-Buy more illustrated books and comics. Also read more, I started reading books on the kindle app for my IPad and have really enjoyed it, having not read a novel since the summer of first year! 

9-Wear animal hats. That is purely because I like this photo :) 

Whats is everyone else doing with their 2013? 

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  1. love your goals and haha agree with the hats ;)