Saturday, 30 June 2012

first week of camp-the kids arrive

 Before you start reading, this post ended up being crazy long, with lots of pictures so sorry, but I just have a lot to talk about so I put lots of pictures to break up all the writing :p

My god has it been a crazy week. It isn't even over yet and I still feel like it has been forever! The kids arrived sunday, we all got our camp tshirts to wear and chilled out on the grass playing frisbee and waiting to be called when kids in our bunk arrived.

 cleaning ready for the kids arrival

 lovely amount of dust swept up in the bunk ;)

 everyone chilling in their long lake tshirts.

The amount of stuff these kids bring is INSANE, they are here for 3 weeks, we are here 10 yet they have at least double if not triple as many clothes as most of the bunk staff! Spent a lot of time sunday stressing about how little space and how much stuff we had to fit, ours is the cabin with the least storage space and every single spare bit is now filled with clothes, makeup,  balloons and bubbles brought by one girl, and about 5 instruments!

 First day we walked them around all different stations for them to audition if they wanted to do dance, be in a play and to do circus performance. I was extremely jealous of them getting to try hip hop dance and circus as it all looked so much fun, wish they had these kinds of camps in england!

In the evening the FAB (fine arts building) staff had to run a short taster activity to show what kinds of things we will be doing during the summer. I was bricking it a little because we had to stand up on a chair and talk in front of half the kids, introduce yourself etc. and hope that you can get them excited about it. We then went downstairs to our tables and heard a stampede of children running down as they had about 45 mins to try everything!

Mine went pretty well, I got them to cut images out of magazines and illustrate around them, the first day i had a lot of boys drawing blood on celebrity faces and things, it was pretty funny even if they didn't take it seriously.

 my station set up

my example for the kids


 one of the slightly creepy people sculptures in the FAB

Tuesday was my first teaching day, I didn't realize this until morning meeting which was a bit panicky but it went well in the end. I had a lot of kids asking how to draw faces accurately which is hard because I stylize every drawing I do and will admit my faces never look how I want them to look! 

I started making folders for everyones drawings and now it is the third day I am noticing the people who keep coming back, this morning I came in to 4 kids running in and grabbing their folders and pencils which made me happy! It is nice to see people get really excited about coming in and drawing, they are going off in their own directions too which is nice to see, I have one girl doing some insane drawings of flowers, lots doing cool abstract patterns, and one who is making a giant map of a fantasy world!

 this girl made two pet rocks and a house for them

 collaborating with danny in improv to make puppets for the kids to improvise with :)
guess which is mine?!

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