Friday, 8 June 2012

Moomins in Nam

Haven't written on this blog in a while but I want to start again as I am off to America in just over a week to work on a summer camp and will be posting all about it on here :)

Moved out of uni for the second time on wednesday, this time with more things to say goodbye to than last year, still cannot believe how fast my final term went.  

I have had a godawful cold for the past 3 weeks and I am hoping to shift it before I leave because it is starting to get annoying, still, being at home means I have access to a much wider variety of free food, am trying to stay away from all the cake and eat lots of fruit and veg but I did bake brownies with my sister yesterday...

Went into Chippenham town centre in the rain yest, it is not the most exciting of shopping centres to be honest but for once I was actually surprised.

Where a lot of the shops have shut down and are empty they have started filling them with art projects from local schools, yesterday I saw a window full of moomin models, all made to be doing a different sport to celebrate the olympics :)


Some more decorations, I love how nice and colourful it was after being outside in the rain.

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