Friday, 22 June 2012

training week at camp


So we arrived at camp later afternoon and half the staff were already there. We all gathered on the grass for a motivational speech from Geoff, the guy who hired everyone. He also got us to check ourselves and our bags for bedbugs which was pretty hilarious! Apparently last year they had an infestation and with over 300 people living in bunks I can imagine it was pretty bad!

We then split off to go to the bunks which we would be living in for the next 10 weeks. I have been put in Sunrise which, despite the lovely name, had earned a reputation as "the shit bunk". I was pretty worried, and first impressions weren't wonderful as one light didn't work and my fellow councilors had yet to arrive so I was in there alone for the first day. The bunks are pretty small, and the mattresses are the width of about one and a half people with plastic covers that are pretty loud when you roll over, despite this, they aren't actually that bad to sleep in which I was surprised by!

For evening activity we all got together on the grass for a bonfire, everyone was chatting to everyone which was nice, and whilst you don't remember everyones names, I already feel like I know maybe 70% of over 100 staff here! We had some pretty hilarious safety talks from Geoff with warnings such as "if a child is running at the bonfire, please stop them" "children like to wave around burning marshmallows which could fly off and melt another kids eyeball" and many lessons on how to plunger a toilet that is overflowing without getting covered in crap! 

We have now had 3 days of training,cannot believe how much information we have been given about how the camp runs, how to treat the kids, cope with situations, clean the bunk, relationships at camp, respecting people, helping kids that are homesick and how to sort out kids that are slightly crazy and threatening to kill other campers. It has been mental but pretty funny at the same time and hopefully when the kids get here we can properly work out what on earth is going on. 

The waterfront is gorgeous, even nicer than it looked online and I cannot wait to go out and do some watersports, they have tubing, kayaking, motorboating and alll sorts. We are also allowed to try any activities we want in time off so I am planning on taking advantage of all the amazing art stuff they have going on. In one building they have all sorts including a printmaking studio, jewellry, weaving, textiles and painting plus my two tables for illustration.

I spent the past two afternoons clearing the mess that was my illustration supplies as they were left in a pretty awful mess. Plus the amount of dust and dirt on everything here is crazy. Since the camp is shut up all winter everything is crazy dusty, plus its in the woods so dirt and dust just gets brought into everywhere, the amount in our cabin was mental! 

Tomorrow is our last day preparing for the kids to arrive, I spent the last two nights up chatting till 2am and getting up at 7 so am gonna get an early night before getting up at 6 to go and do an exercise class run by a guy in adventure camp! Everyone seems to be going and though it is crazy early I figured it might be pretty hilarious! Plus I ate loads of fluff tonight and had a massive sugar high so it probably needs to be burnt off (if anyone doesn't know fluff is liquid marshmallow) 
Only having one computer here is a pain so I figure if I update this with enough information people won't mind if I can't talk to them much! I wish I could ring everyone lots and say how much of a good time I am having, but its so busy there is no time :( comment on this if you read it though as it is always nice to hear from everyone!!! xxx

View over the waterfont
Chilling on the "beach"
My desk midway through sorting through thousands of pens
The music people painting signs to go outside their shacks. They each have a little shed to teach in in the woods which is amazing!


  1. That place looks amazing Josie. Good Luck when all the kids get there.

  2. It looks gorgeous! Glad you're having a good time loverrr, it all sounds so exciting!