Thursday, 21 June 2012

new york new york

Fiiinally got a chance to sit down and write about my journey here. There is only one computer for us to use for emails etc.

So. I met Sophie, one of the girls teaching film here, at Heathrow so we could travel together and make it a little less daunting, would probably have been much more emotional if I had been flying alone but we kept each other company :). We flew Virgin atlantic which was actually to be honest the nicest flight I have ever been on! The food was awesome, we had Gu puddings, then icecream, then afternoon tea with cakes :)

Arrived in Newark and met up with the other 41 people who flew over with BUNAC before we headed to our hostel in central NY. I was in a room of 12 with other people from our camp which was fun, finding out what everyone was teaching and where people were from. 

Woke up at 5am the next day and by 7 everyone was up and having breakfast because of the jetlag. We had over an hour before our bus to camp arrived so we all went to central park to have a good wander and take some photos, getting excited by street names we recognized and running around the place. 

The bus to camp took 5 hours and we stopped on the way for all you can eat pizza hut which was pretty epic! All paid for by camp too which was great! They even had "sweet pizza" which was basically pastry with apple filling and icing drizzled on! I think its the best apple pie I have ever eaten :D


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